Globral Internacional

Steel Products

Globral Internacional is a leading supplier of carbon steel coils for the Brazilian Market

In addition to Globral International commitment to quality of the steel products, the company provide to their customers a high-level service which aggregates high quality with the best value. Globral Internacional is the pioneer in importing and distributing of the items which are part of its portfolio in the Brazilian Market and operates in the distribution of metal products since 2007.

Among its customers Globral has distributors and service centers of metal products, as well as, metallurgical companies and industrial manufacturers. Globral offers to all its customers a regular supply of imported products ensuring, this way, a perfect service to meet their needs.

Globral Internacional stands out for the quality of its products and services. Their suppliers are carefully selected worldwide. The company provides products with prompt delivery or scheduled delivery service to ensure good services, financing and efficient logistics, which allows Globral to ensure timely delivery as agreed with its customers.

São Francisco do Sul

Rua Marcilio Dias, 718 - Sala 8
São Francisco do Sul | SC
ZIP 89240-000 | Brazil

Phone: +55 47 3444-4546


Rua Manoel Vieira Garção, 10 Sala 106
PHD Office | Centro | Itajaí | SC
ZIP 88301-425 | Brazil

Phone: +55 47 3046 1022

São Paulo

Rua 28 de Setembro, 1323 Alto do Ipiranga
São Paulo | SP
ZIP 04267-000 | Brazil

Phone: +55 11 3596 4900