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Imports on Behalf of Third Parties

"Increasingly, and for various and different reasons, organizations have been opting to focus on the main purpose of their own business (core activities) and outsourcing support activities of their business.

This trend also occurs in foreign trade, as some companies are outsourcing their operations to import goods. One form of outsourcing legally recognized and properly regulated by the Brazilian Customs and Revenue Services (Secretaria da Receita Federal - SRF) is Imports on Behalf of Third Parties.

In this type of operation, a company (buyer) interested in a particular product, hires a service provider – a trading company or importer authorized to import on behalf of third parties – to do the entire importing process. The service provider receives the needed financial resources from de buyer and provides all needed services to import and internalize the imports into Brazil on behalf of the buyer, according to the proper regulations issued by Brazilian authorities."
(SRF Site)

It is in this context, Globral Internacional presents to the importing market its highly qualified team of "traders" with experience in developing overseas suppliers in order to meet the technical, commercial and financial needs expected by its customers by ensuring the desired quality , as well as good conditions on pricing, financing and delivery time.

Globral Shanghai, China´s Office , is a differential that adds reliability and greater autonomy in decision making , facilitating and monitoring locally the negotiation process of all transactions originated in that region.

If you're looking for a partner who can provide you excellent results in supporting your activities in delivering high quality services and products to your customers, welcome the Globral Internacional.

Importação por Conta e Ordem

São Francisco do Sul

Rua Marcilio Dias, 718 - Sala 8
São Francisco do Sul | SC
ZIP 89240-000 | Brazil

Phone: +55 47 3444-4546


Rua Manoel Vieira Garção, 10 Sala 106
PHD Office | Centro | Itajaí | SC
ZIP 88301-425 | Brazil

Phone: +55 47 3046 1022

São Paulo

Rua 28 de Setembro, 1323 Alto do Ipiranga
São Paulo | SP
ZIP 04267-000 | Brazil

Phone: +55 11 3596 4900