Globral Internacional

The Company

General Overview

Founded in 2007, GLOBRAL INTERNACIONAL has its headquarters located in Itajaí (SC) and has offices in the cities of São Francisco do Sul (SC) and São Paulo (SP). We also have a support office in Shanghai (China).

Globral acts in different markets with highly specialized team that ensures the success of each business unit.

We distribute products nationwide serving the glass industry, the wellness industry and the steel products industry.

The continuous growth since its foundation testifies the recognition of Globral Internacional services and its efforts to establish itself as a solution provider; the success and continued growth are tied to market experience, product line with advanced technology, combined with excellent performance in all phases of logistics.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals with expertise and experience of over 20 years in all areas covered and serviced by the company. An excellent network of sales representatives complements all of sales activities and the proper technical support to all customers, adding reliability to its customer service.

São Francisco do Sul

Rua Marcilio Dias, 718 - Sala 8
São Francisco do Sul | SC
ZIP 89240-000 | Brazil

Phone: +55 47 3444-4546


Rua Manoel Vieira Garção, 10 Sala 106
PHD Office | Centro | Itajaí | SC
ZIP 88301-425 | Brazil

Phone: +55 47 3046 1022

São Paulo

Rua 28 de Setembro, 1323 Alto do Ipiranga
São Paulo | SP
ZIP 04267-000 | Brazil

Phone: +55 11 3596 4900